Finance conferences & job market

As the conferences season is coming soon, here are 2 papers on the topic + 1 on the jobmarket

Finance conference quality and publication success: A conference ranking

Being subject to time and budget constraints, researchers have to decide whether to attend academic conferences, and if so, which conferences are associated with the best publication outcomes. Based on acknowledgment information obtained from footnotes of more than 3,000 research articles published in finance journals, we first argue that conference participation constitutes an important factor when publishing research articles in top finance journals. We further track the publication status of about 9,000 research articles presented at the most popular finance conferences. Thereby, we arrive at a ranking of 47 finance conferences with the highest appearance rates in top finance and economics journals. In doing so, we provide finance researchers with guidance so they can decide which conferences to attend.

Evaluation of academic finance conferences

We develop a novel framework to evaluate the quality of academic finance conferences. In particular, we analyze the publication and citation outcomes of 18,535 conference papers presented at 15 academic finance conferences between 2007 and 2012. In addition, we provide evidence of the perceived quality of these academic finance conferences by surveying a large number of participants of the 15 conferences. The use of three different quality proxies enables us to contrast levels of conference quality based on the quality of presented papers to levels of conference quality perceived by conference participants. Our results reveal two quality clusters of academic finance conferences and show that the use of the three quality dimensions, while generally robust, is associated with a number of peculiarities.

Who is successful on the finance Ph.D. job market?

We examine the attributes that contribute to a successful placement of first time finance Ph.D. job market participants. The results of a survey of 237 former job market candidates suggest that while the ranking of the Ph.D.-granting institution plays a significant role in candidates’ success at all stages of the job market (candidates from higher ranked schools receive more conference interviews, fly-outs, job offers, and secure higher salaries), other factors also contribute. Prior publications or invitations to resubmit a paper to a journal, experience of presenting at academic conferences, and prior work experience positively affect marketability. Younger candidates, Caucasians, and graduates of higher ranked schools secure placements with higher research requirements and higher salaries. The quality of the hiring institution plays a central role in the candidate’s overall satisfaction with the job market outcome. Additionally, we collect and summarize recommendations of survey respondents to future first-time job market participants.


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