Retour à l’Université de Strasbourg

Cette semaine j’ai récupéré mon arrêté de mutation et j’ai signé mon PV d’installation à l’Université de Strasbourg, Faculté de Droit, à compter du 1er septembre 2017.

Après 6 belles années à l’Université de Haute-Alsace sur le campus Fonderie de Mulhouse, je reviens donc à Strasbourg.

Je remercie l’UHA, les collègues (en particulier de la Fonderie), le personnel administratif et les étudiants, dont je garderai de très bons souvenirs.

Je me réjouis de ma mutation à la Faculté de Droit, dans la filière AES, de l’Université de Strasbourg à la rentrée, de rencontrer mes futurs collègues et étudiants, et de participer aux projets de la Faculté et plus largement de l’Université.

Et comme Strasbourg n’est pas bien loin de Mulhouse, cela permettra sans doute aussi de poursuivre des collaborations fructueuses sur le site Alsacien !

En attendant, les vacances estivales sont les bienvenues 🙂

Tomorrow: heading to #LijepaHrvatska as usual, this time #Crikvenica



What’s your Identification Strategy?

Very nice paper on the diffusion of methodological innovation in corporate finance research, forthcoming in Management Science

“What’s your Identification Strategy? Innovation in Corporate Finance Research”

Donald E. Bowen, Laurent Frésard, and Jérôme P. Taillard

We study the diffusion of techniques designed to identify causal relationships in corporate finance research. We estimate that the diffusion started in the mid-1990s, lagged 20 years compared to economics, and is now used in the majority of corporate finance articles. Consistent with recent theories of technology diffusion, the adoption varies across researchers based on individuals’ expected net benefits of adoption. Younger scholars, holders of PhDs in economics, and those working at top institutions adopt faster. Adoption is accelerated through networks of colleagues and alumni and is also facilitated by straddlers who cross over from economics to finance. Our findings highlight new forces that explain the diffusion of innovation and shape the norms of academic research.

Link to article in MS

Link to WP on SSRN

French Finance Association (AFFI) Conference 2017

As usual, my summer conferences season kicks off tomorrow, with the French Finance Association (AFFI) Conference 2017, organized this year by University of Grenoble Alpes.

Here is the detailed (very nice) program: link

I will present my paper on “Initial conditions and the private debt renegotiation process“.

Presentation slides are available on figshare / slideshare

Looking forward to see all my collegues in the field of finance from France and from abroad.

And the social program looks very exciting 🙂

Finance Bulletin inaugural issue is out !

As one of the associate editors (check the full editorial board here) of the journal, it’s a great pleasure to announce that the first inaugural issue of the Finance Bulletin is out !

You can find it here !

Finance Bulletin is a journal promoted by the French Finance Association (AFFI) and publishing short papers in all areas of Finance (corporate finance, investments & market finance, banking and related fields). Articles are published as soon as they are accepted on an electronic platform. They are all immediately and freely available to the readers.

You can learn more about the the journal here, as well as about the aims & scope here

Augustin Cournot Doctoral Days #ACDD2017

A few days after…

The 14th (already !) edition of the (more and more famous each year) Augustin Cournot Doctoral Days ACDD 2017 was a fantastic event and a great success !

The 2nd year PhD Candidates from our Augustin Cournot Doctoral School did an excellent job…

Making me, as the Deputy Director of the School, very happy & proud !

Check out more HERE on the ACDD 2017 !

I am already looking forward to the next year 15th edition of the ACDD 2018 !