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Selected publications

  1. “How legal and institutional environments shape the private debt renegotiation process?”, Journal of Corporate Finance, 2020, vol. 62. [link]
  2. “Debt Renegotiation and the Design of Financial Contracts”, Journal of Financial Services Research, 2019, vol. 55(2-3), 191-215. [link]
  3. “Financial Institutions Network and the Certification Value of Bank Loans”, (with B. Sanditov), Financial Management, 2018, vol. 47(2), 253-283. [link]
  4. “How Sukuk Shape Firm Performance”, (with P.-O. Klein & L. Weill), World Economy, 2018, vol. 41(3), 699-722. [link]
  5. “Do the type of sukuk and choice of shari’a scholar matter?”, (with R. Turk-Ariss & L. Weill), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2016, vol. 132(S), 63-76. [link]
  6. “The certification value of private debt renegotiation and the design of financial contracts: Empirical evidence from Europe”, Journal of Banking & Finance, 2015, vol. 53(C), 1-17. [link]
  7. “Sukuk vs. conventional bonds: A stock market perspective”, (with R. Turk-Ariss & L. Weill), Journal of Comparative Economics, 2013, vol. 41(3), 745-761. [link]
  8. “Bank Competition and Collateral: Theory and Evidence”, (with C. Hainz, L. Weill), Journal of Financial Services Research, 2013, vol. 44 (2), 2013, 131-148 [link]
  9. “Bank Lending Networks, Experience, Reputation, and Borrowing Costs: Empirical Evidence from the French Syndicated Lending Market”, (with B. Sanditov & T. Burger-Helmchen), Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 2012, vol. 39(1-2), 113-140. [link]
  10. “Does Collateral Help Mitigate Adverse Selection ? A Cross-Country Analysis”, (with L. Weill), Journal of Financial Services Research, 2011, vol. 40(1-2), 59-78. [link]

Recent working papers

  1. Private debt renegotiation and financial institutions’ network,” Working Papers of LaRGE Research Center 2020-01 (with B. Sanditov)
  2. Are Loans Cheaper when Tomorrow seems Further ?,”Working Papers of LaRGE Research Center 2019-02 (with L. Weill)
  3. The effects of bank loan renegotiation on corporate policies and performance,”Working Papers of LaRGE Research Center 2018-01
  4. Initial conditions and the private debt renegotiation process,” Working Papers of LaRGE Research Center 2017-03

All my working papers are available at RePEc or SSRN